Spruce balm

Spruce balm is a registered balm and is produced in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice.

Spruce balm is intended for home and professional use. It has been tried by all age groups, and is most commonly used by children and the elderly.

Spruce is used in massage and body relaxation center and the reflexology massage salon. The circle of satisfied users is steadily growing.


Spruce balm

The natural spruce ointment Smrekomaz consists of four ingredients: spruce resin, sunflower oil, olive oil and beeswax. Smrekomaz is registered and manufactured in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice. I fill and clean each pot myself, it is not a mass production. It is a Slovenian product made from local ingredients.

The ointment is filled into glass jars with a volume of 40 ml and 106 ml. The packaging takes up little space in any purse or suitcase. The size of the screw cap makes it easy to use the ointment for children's, women's or men's hands. Empty glass packaging is returnable.

Spruce resin

Spruce (Picea abies) is one of the most numerous tree species in our country, as it covers about 32% of our forests and can grow for up to 500 years.

Records of the healing effects of spruce resin and methods of use are dated back to the time of Hippocrates. Spruce resin is not a lucky name, as it brings an abundance of confirmed and proven healing effects.

The healing effects of spruce resin are known to our grandparents, who prepared the spruce balm by themselves. They also treated livestock with it. Spruce resin tincture was also sometimes used to relieve pain in the gastrointestinal tract and digestive tract.


Sunburn and boils

Summer fun in the company of the sun's rays and the home pool quickly leave their mark. The skin reddens quickly and becomes sensitive to touch.

The skin was lubricated with Spruce once after showering and once before bedtime. The night action of Spruce soothed the skin, it was no longer red and the burns calmed down. 

Spruce balm can also be used to relieve the effects of burns caused by contact with hot liquids in the home kitchen or workplace.

The last picture shows sunburns caused by excessive sun exposure. Within three days of using Smrekomaz, the skin returned to normal.

Abrasions and dry skin

Summer fun in short sleeves and shorts quickly conjures up some abrasions. Spruce balm slows down the bleeding and forms a protective layer (scab) within 24 hours. Spruce resin has extraordinary antibacterial effects. It halts the spread of fungi, microbes and eczema, and helps fight inflammation. 

Daily hand disinfection dries out the skin. Spruce resin accelerates the natural processes of skin renewal, and with its action it also stimulates blood circulation.


Tick, mosquito, bee and wasp bites

In addition to the sun and joy, summer also brings us mosquitoes, various flies, wasps and bees. Their bites quickly leave violent skin reactions on the baby's skin (inflammation, hardening and itching). Spruce balm helps heal tick, mosquito, bee and wasp bites.

The picture shows mosquito bites and reactions of children's skin, which were alleviated by applying spruce balm several times.


To remove ticks, I use a combination of peppermint essential oil and spruce balm. Tick can be removed quickly and without damage. To regenerate the bite site, I recommend applying spruce balm once or twice a day. This reduces itching and redness of the bite site. The picture shows a tick bite the same and the next day. 


Tackling muscle and joint pain

Spruce balm balm is very useful for tackling muscle and joint pain, arthritic pain, sprains and connective tissue inflammation. Spruce balm can be used for massage of entire body. The pleasant action of Smrekomaz is also confirmed in the syndrome of restless legs, arthritis and varicose veins.

Colds and coughs

With its anti-inflammatory effect and pleasant smell of spruce essential oil, the balm may also be used to ease colds, coughs, sore throats, sinusitis, chest pain or asthma (apply the balm on neck and chest).


Feet care

Smrekomaz je naravno smrekovo mazilo, ki vsebuje štiri naravne sestavine: smola smreke, sončnično olje, olivno olje in čebelji vosek. Zaradi sestave in teksture je primeren tudi za nego nog sladokrnega bolnika, ki potrebujejo posebno pozornost. Smrekomaz je razvit s pomočjo izkušene ekipe, ki ga uporablja pri svojem delu v salonu za refleksno masažo stopal.