"I got burns on my finger while I was using my kitchen oven. I applied spruce balm Smrekomaz on my burnt spot and the pain disappeared."
"Great balm. I am using it also for fungi. I'm getting better with your cream."
Slavi K.
"Smrekomaz rules."
Jelka P.
"The best of nature for my skin."
Najboljše iz narave za mojo kožo.
Polona D.

Spruce resin has extraordinary antibacterial effects. It halts the spread of fungi, microbes and eczema, and helps fight inflammation. The resin stimulates blood flow and helps regenerate cells and tissue. The balm can be applied on small wounds, bruises, boils, pimples, eczema and similar skin problems. It acts as first aid for bruises, burns and cuts. It helps heal bee, wasp, mosquito and tick bites. The balm is very useful for tackling muscle and joint pain, arthritic pain, sprains and connective tissue inflammation. With its anti-inflammatory effect and pleasant smell of spruce essential oil, the balm may also be used to ease colds, coughs, sore throats, sinusitis, chest pain or asthma (apply the balm on neck and chest). If you develop a rash or itching, stop using the balm.

If you develop a rash or itching, stop using the balm.



Smrekomaz is a product of the brand MOCU, which is arising from the need for natural, the gifts of nature and their use in everyday life. It was created on the basis of our own research, analysis, testing and in collaboration with an experienced microbiologist.

We are preparing new products, which we will presented soon.