Made in Slovenia.

spruce balm Smrekomaz Smrekomaz products are based on our own research, analysis, testing and in cooperation with an experienced team. They are made from natural ingredients and are "Bear friendly"«. 

Pesomaz is a spruce balm with Cannabidiol (CBD), which, in combination with spruce resin, further accelerates the natural processes of paw and snout renewal, friendly to both animals and humans.

Kočevski pih is our award-winning clothing and room fragrance with a dominant citrus scent that repels annoying flying flies and thus allows us to take a peaceful walk in the woods and nature. Its refreshing scent also perfectly brightens clothes and rooms. In 2022, it was chosen as the Best Souvenir of Kočevje 2022 and a protocol gift of the Municipality of Kočevje, more information are awailable on LINK.