Smrekomaz produkti so ročno pripravljeni, certificirani in pakirani v povratno embalažo. Nastajajo na podlagi lastnih raziskav, analiz, testiranj in v sodelovanju z izkušeno ekipo. Izdelani so iz naravnih sestavin, nosijo oznako Bear friendly" and I feel Slovenia

Pesomaz is a spruce balm Smrekomaz, enriched with Cannabidiol (CBD). It additionally accelerates the natural processes of skin renewal, including paws and noses. It is useful for both humans and animals. What do rescue dogs and their handlers say about him? LINK

Kočevski pih is our award-winning clothing and room fragrance with a dominant citrus scent that repels annoying flying flies and thus allows us to take a peaceful walk in the woods and nature. Its refreshing scent also perfectly brightens clothes and rooms. In 2022, it was chosen as Naj spominek Kočevske 2022 (Best Souvenir of Kočevska region 2022) and thus became a protocol gift of the Kočevje municipality (LINK).

Smrekol is a carefully prepared mixture of olive oil and purified spruce resin intended for daily use. Vegan friendly! Check out what our users say about it. LINK

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