Natural spruce balm with CBD


Pesomaz spruce balm Smrekomaz, enriched with Cannabidiol (CBD). It additionally accelerates the natural processes of skin renewal, including paws and noses. It is useful for both humans and animals.

The balm was created in cooperation with a veterinarian, an experienced team Smrekomaz and with trainees of school for individual dog training.

Various weather conditions damage our skin, and the same thing happens to the paws and noses of our four-legged friends. Sometimes dogs explore and get bitten by insects, even then we can use Pesomaz. There are many balms on the market for the care of our four-legged friends, which do not convince with the selection and method of preparation of the ingredients. 

A carefully selected mixture of local ingredients is suitable for our skin, as well as for the paws and noses of our four-legged friends. 

Satisfied users have praised the faster processes of natural restoration of damaged skin, including paws. Each pot is prepared by hand, filled in returnable glass packaging and produced in Slovenia. It does not contain dangerous substances.

What do rescue dogs and their handlers say about him? LINK

Ingredients: hand-picked spruce resin, sunflower and olive oil, beeswax, CBD (Cannabidiol).