Pesomaz and rescue dogs

During a recent visit to the forest, we met members of the Association of Rescue Dog Guides Podravje (DVRPP). The society is represented by members who actively participate in trainings, strengthen their skills in the field of rescue and connect with other societies. At the time of our meeting, they were conducting training for searching for missing people in nature, which was based on guiding and overcoming the challenges that the dog and the handler face in their work.

With the strenuous training of handlers and their dogs on aggressive terrains such as highlands, sandy sand and the sea (salt, water, sharp stones), paws and snouts are quickly damaged. Pesomaz has proven to be both a preventive measure (protection against aggressive materials) and a curative one in case of cuts.


Maja Ptičar is an active member of the Association of Rescue Dog Guides Podravje (DVRPP), an instructor at a dog school and a satisfied user of our products. Together with social colleagues, she tested our natural spruce balm Pesomaz and briefly summarized:

A phenomenal balm that immediately closes the wound and heals it extremely quickly!