MOCU, Mojca Poje s.p., Roška cesta 1, 1330 Kočevje, represented by Mojca Poje; registration number.: 869501600; Business Activity Code: 20.420; VAT number 92126014

is a provider who manufactures a product for a customer or performs a service to his order.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME: within 8 (eight) working days after receiving the advance payment. The Contractor undertakes to order the material for production immediately upon receipt of the advance payment.

EXPECTED PROCESSING TIME: 8 days from torder confirmed, if ordered materials are timely delivered by suppliers. Due to illness and / or injury, the Contractor reserves the right to extend the deadline for the execution of works. The Contractor shall not be liable for any delay caused by third parties or for reasons caused by the third part of Contractor participants.

Place of Delivery: to the address provided by the client.

DELIVERY TIME: during the business hours of the contractor and in accordance with the agreement of the client. The Contractor shall not be liable for delay if the Client is not available for acceptance and / or installation of the ordered product at the agreed time and place.

Payment terms: by transferring an advance payment to the current account of the contractor number  SI56 6100 0002 4443 183 (Delavska hranilnica) in the amount of the approximate total price and postage, unless otherwise agreed; 

VALID OFFER: 5 (five) days from service or receipt by the addressee.

OFFER ACCEPTANCE: offer is accepted when the contractor receives a statement from the addressee that he accepts the tender (in writing by ordinary mail or e-mail). The transfer of the entire advance payment by the addressee of the offer is also considered a statement of acceptance of the offer. Acceptance of the tender may be withdrawn if the Contractor receives a declaration of withdrawal before or at the same time as the declaration of acceptance.

If the addressee's response to the offer expresses acceptance, but at the same time proposes changes and / or additions essential components of the contract, that is depended of price is considered to be rejected and sends his offer. zavrača in izvajalcu posreduje svojo ponudbo.

All other changes and / or additions submitted with the statement of acceptance of the bid shall keep the original bid of the contractor valid. If the contractor does not object to the proposed changes and / or additions, the contract is concluded in accordance with the content of the original contractor's offer and with the changes or amendments specified in the statement of acceptance of the tender.

With the statement Offer and acceptance and / or transfer of the entire advance payment, it is also considered that the contractor and the addressee have agreed on the essential components of the order and at the time of receipt of the statement and / or transfer of the advance payment and contract was concluded on the production of the commissioned work, under the conditions of the (possibly amended and / or supplemented) offer contractor, therefore changes to the order from the moment of concluding the contract without advance consensual agreement contracting parties are no longer possible..

CONTRACT WITHDRAWAL: the photographs on the website are symbolic, displayed for the purpose of notification and do not represent the contractor's serial production, therefore the client has no right of unilateral withdrawal of signed Contract and refund of advanced opayment for the production of a product to order, i.e. for goods made to his instructions and adapted to his personal needs and preferences.

WARRANTY and COMPLAINT: in accordance with the applicable legislation, the contractor offers a guarantee for a faultless product or service provided. 

The complaint or complaint procedure is regulated by the parties in writing via (electronic or ordinary) mail and within 8 (eight) days from the final receipt of the product. In the event of a complaint, the customer may request repair or elimination of defects in the product, which is made according to his instructions and adapted to his personal needs, taking into account instructions for use, maintenance and cleaning of the product, legal restrictions, instructions of manufacturers of used (semi) products and standards of the profession allowable deviations due to the processing of materials on the color, structure and final shape of the product. Acceptance of a visibly damaged product must be refused immediately and the findings of the damage communicated to the contractor; otherwise, the contractor does not assume any responsibility for the damage and / or faultless operation or. use of the product. The Contractor also does not assume any responsibility for injuries caused by improper or negligent use, improper or non-recommended maintenance or cleaning of the final product, non-recommended exposure to weather conditions, unprofessional installation or interventions by third parties, overloading of the final product or mechanical damage caused by the customer or third parties.

PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: the Contractor undertakes to protect, collect and use all acquired personal data of the Client only for the purposes and manner prescribed by the law governing the protection of personal data. 

APPLICATION OF LAW and CONFLICT SOLVING: for all other issues that are not addressed by the content of the offer in question, in addition to the provisions of the Code governing obligations, the provisions of the law governing consumer protection and the provisions of other applicable regulations shall apply.

TO RESOLVE POSSIBLE DISPUTES resulting from the acceptance of the offer in question, the contractor proposes an amicable settlement and in a peaceful manner, otherwise it proposes a court with substantive jurisdiction in Kočevje to resolve disputes.

PHOTOGRAPHS : the photographs on the website are symbolic, displayed for the purpose of notification and do not represent the contractor's serial production. Any copying and use of photos and content without the knowledge of the owner and author of the content is prohibited.

POLNJENJE embalaže Smrekomaza poteka ročno in ne gre za produkt serijske proizvodnje. Lahko se pojavijo odstopanja v količini vsebine. 

Kočevje, 13th August 2020